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Agile & scrum

Everything in CodePamoja is done Agile. Agile methodologies are an alternative to waterfall, or traditional development. Within the Agile methodology Scrum, development teams are actively involved and collaborate to deliver incrementally. This enables regular releases, higher quality by integrated testing, transparency, flexibility to respond to changes that happen and the team learns to achieve a sustainable pace, so that they can continue to be productive over the long haul.

All user stories considered for iteration desired by the prioritised stakeholders
Team selects how much to commit to do by Sprint's end
Iteration of a set period with regular meetings, client feedback and reviews
Product increment
New functionality is demonstrated at the end of iteration

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Our projects

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  • FairSource
  • Enterprise Kenya
  • Fair Trade Software Foundation
  • The Hague University
  • CodePamoja

Supporters & Partners

CodePamoja is joint funded by Competa IT BV in The Hague and German development programme CodePamoja is part of a wider initiative to apply Fair Trade principles to software development, helping to seed and grow digital economies in developing countries. Further details can be found on the Fair Trade Software Foundation website.

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