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By admin Category Uncategorized, Posted February 21st, 2016
Using postman to run the Backend API

Interaction between project teams namely between front-end and back-end developers. This is especially the case if teams work in different time zones. Mismatching protocols, invalid data and date formats, services that don’t work, SSL errors these small bugs can become a big problem and slow any project down considerably.

Sending request

The Postman interface is divided into two areas. The sidebar on the left and the request builder on the right. The request builder lets you create almost any kind of request quickly. The four parts of an HTTP request are the URL, method, headers, and the body. Postman gives you tools to work with each of these parts.

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The URL is the first thing that you would be setting for a request. The URL input field stores URLs used previously and will show an auto complete dropdown as you begin entering your URL. Clicking on the URL params button will open up the key-value editor for entering URL parameters.

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Clicking on the headers toggle will show the headers key-value editor. You can set any string as the header name. Common headers part of the HTTP spec are available in an auto-complete drop down when you begin typing the header name. Values for the "Content-Type" header are also available in an auto-complete drop down.

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