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By admin Category Uncategorized, Posted January 24th, 2016
This is my story

My first two weeks at CodePamoja has been more than worth it. Who knew coding could be this fun meeting new people from different walks of life with diverse ways of thinking but all geared towards the same goals. Even though we do not agree we agree to disagree.

From a social perspective I have a lot to say. The office location, Ngong road, wow!!!. Pretty awesome with a scenic view of Ngong road’s greenery and the vast Lang’ata with the constant roaring of mini-jets up and down on the busy Wilson Airport. The first day was quiet some thing though. First of all this is an affluent neighbourhood with rich spoiled brats being a nuisance with their hoverboards. There is no way you can find a cheap joint to have lunch. I had to take something I was allergic to, something I regret till this moment. My mouth is yuck and sour, but lemon has been doing the trick though.

Okay, this blog was meant to be a technical one so I will try make it so, Front-end all that stuff was new to me (Except for HTML, CSS and JS of course). I am trying to get the hang of NodeJS being used to test the Angular bits by bits. Then we have Grunt files and Bower (the latter is a pizza variety here). These are new technologies that have come at a good time for me. A time to learn and who else not to teach you but the Front-end gurus of the Netherlands baby… Go TEAM DUTCH!!!! I respect what y’all doing over there that stuff dope add Kendrick Lamar’s voice. Guys my learning curve, will sky rocket the next two weeks and I will have a more technical blog to serve you in two weeks, like the way we serve chapatis (tortillas). Until the other week, VAARWEL!!!!!

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