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By admin Category Uncategorized, Posted February 15th, 2016
Short impression of Scrum

Scrum was developed as a new way to develop code effectively. The idea originates from Japan, where the work environment tended to be really strict with little tolerance for mistakes. Scrum counters this by making every member of the team responsible for the end product. When someone struggles with their task, the team needs to be there to help. To achieve this a Scrum team has a daily meeting called a “Stand-up”. In the stand up every team member has to answer three questions.

  • What did you accomplish since the last stand-up?
  • What will you accomplish before the next stand-up?
  • Is there anything impeding your progress?

Scrum teams are Agile. Spending six months on an application only to have the Product Owner tell you that they want it done completely different is a waste of time. That is why they work in cycles of two to four weeks, called “Sprints”.
You start a Sprint with a “Sprint planning”. During the planning the team decides how much work they will be able to do in the Sprint.

When the Sprint is done you meet up with the Product Owner for the Sprint Review, also called a Demo. In the review the team and the Product Owner discuss what was done in the Sprint and give feedback about what happened.

After the review the Scrum team has a Retrospective. In the Retro the Scrum team evaluates their performance and looks for points in which they can improve, and what already went well. They also discuss what they think should be done different in the next Sprint. Finally they look for a way to implement everything they discussed into the next Sprint to deliver a better product.

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