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By admin Category Uncategorized, Posted January 24th, 2016
Scrum at a glimpse

What is the first thought that crosses your mind when you come across the term Scrum methodology? Well,in my case 1 week after ushering 2016 I came across the term and to be honest I was totally blank. I don’t know if you too are blank at the moment but whether or not you are am going to familiarize you with it and hope you enjoy every bit of it. Allow me to take you back to my very first day interning at the CodePamoja initiative. There I was in a room occupied with my fellow developers and in front of us was Kim, the Netherlands’ CodePamoja representative, talking to us about Scrum, Scrum master, Product Owner, Sprint etc. All such foreign terms and for each new term I sunk deeper into a foreign world but luckily after her presentation I had a hint on the Scrum methodology and was able to do a research on it.

To begin with Scrum methodology, it’s an Agile way of developing software. This means the product being developed is first broken down into its various components which are then divided among developers as tasks. Each task is then frequently reassessed, adapted and allocated a timespan.

In Scrum there are three roles that are interlocking and one way of seeing the interlocking nature is as a horse race. In a horse race we have horses, their respective jockeys and veterinarians. One of these roles is the Scrum team (team of developers working on the product) which is the horse, ready to gallop in whatever direction it is pointed. The Scrum team needs to tackle every impediments as a whole and each member is required to take a product feature from the Product Backlog (complete list of product functionality) progress on it until its sucessfully placed on the done phrase. The second role is the Product Owner who is the jockey, s/he makes sure the horse is galloping in the right direction and at the appropriate speed. The Product Owner prioritizes the backlog and guides the team in building the right product. The third and final role is the Scrum Master who is the horse’s veterinarian and plays a very vital part in ensuring the Scrum team is fit, focused and performing to its highest level. That’s mostly all to, Scrum at a glimpse.

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  • Robert Brown says:

    You’ve captured the basic of Scrum, plus roles and practice and variations of the key ceremonies, and kept it brief enough to be a fast read. Well done! Hope you could find Some other great resources include in this guide: http://bit.ly/1TmV2JV

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