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By admin Category Uncategorized, Posted December 6th, 2015
“Make a basic setup for the HHS project, write a few Servlets and make them work”

“Wrap your head around front-end, I would like you to understand a little bit of what the front-end is doing. We have to use one Servlet to do multiple implementations”.

Those are the words that kept ringing in my head the first days of CodePamoja as Dennis (Director DewCIS) kept on iterating on how the implementation of the HHS project will be achieved Tomcat,a Servlet container.

“Write Java code to give a JSON response, you can try and use AJAX calls to make the front-end implementation asynchronous.” This are terms I had only heard in passing from an employee in Dewcis. The terms were just much for me and I thought my life is over. After initial implementation of this terms in code I failed miserably. Then with time and with continuous exercise I began to ease in and produce actual working code.

I learnt about the implementation of Servlets and Java “they were no longer strange to me” , the implementation of Java in Tomcat also seemed a not so mammoth ask after all.. Life was going well at CodePamoja until I met AngularJS, Wow! That was an immediate spin, from importing classes to running grunt this was a spin. The HTML implementation I knew was all broken down, I had to re-learn all that I already knew about HTML.

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