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By admin Category Uncategorized, Posted November 13th, 2015
GitHub & SourceTree

Since I joined CodePamoja Europe, we worked on an application for The Hague University. The app was already designed when I joined. So the second step is to build the design into HTML/CSS without interactions. Then we divided the task so everyone has their own work.

To build the website we used a couple of tools: GitHub, SourceTree, with GIT and Sass which was new to me. In this post I will explain what I understood of the tools GitHub and SourceTree and what I’ve learned from it.


Before I thought GitHub was just a website where developers/users can share their codes. For example I wanted a plugin for my website and then I was redirected to GitHub to download the file.
But it is more than what I thought. It is like a social media or a platform for developer/programmers where they can collaborate.

GitHub is actually a repository hosting service and Git is command-line tool. A repository is a location where developers can store their all files for each projects. You can access that project by an unique URL.

What I like about GitHub is you can actually review someone’s code by creating a ‘pull’ request of the repository. So you can make some suggestions or changes to the owner of the project.


SourceTree is a desktop client for developers. It is a replacement or alternative for command-line. So instead of typing the command code of Git u can just use SourceTree.
With this you can see an overview of your repositories on GitHub and can manage them all hosted or locally. You can also “Pull”, “Push”, “Merge” and “Commit” by just pushing a button instead of typing it in the command line on your Terminal/CMD.

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