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By admin Category Uncategorized, Posted March 24th, 2016
Front-End vs Back-end

Back-end is a popular choice for the programmers at CodePamoja in Kenya. In fact, there are about only 1 in 4 front-end programmers/designers in the programme.
The opposite is true for the Competa Program in the Netherlands. There are more front-end guys by far than back-end guys.

Of course there are ‘wars’ that pit the two groups each claiming supremacy as to their importance in the development process.

Let’s see each groups claim to the throne.


The back-end guys point out how they take care of every nitty gritty of building the core application from the ground up. Storing and fetching data, running time
critical and incorruptible transactions(e.g in finance) and securing the application against the big bad crackers(hackers to the layman).


The front-end guys point out that the end user does not care about how the application works inside. They regularly point out a Nielsen statistic about how a large
percentage of users is put off by an app with a lot of utility but lacking in looks. Their argument does not involve only putting down the work of the back-end coders.
They take care of dimensions, AJAX and polling, ensuring colors complement each other to attract and maintain the users attention and many other processes.
It’s both a science and an art.

Both camps will point out how much they earn as a pointer to their value in the pyramid.

Conversation between the two sides as a comparison

Back-end Guy X: “Back-end developers tend to earn more. All the complex computer science takes place in the back-end. No question.”

Front-end Guy Y: “Have you been living under a rock you fool?! Front-end developer are being paid as well nowadays. We are not just web designers anymore.
The front-end is getting more and more complex by the day. Full applications are being coded that work exclusively on the front-end. Games, chat sites, frameworks like AngularJS; they all come together for a rather mind-taxing mix.”

Wise Guy Z: _________________________________

What do you think the Wise Guy said?

Wise Guy Z: “So I guess full-stack being the future will win it huh?”

They all looked at him incredulously and continued their bickering.
Lol, The front-end vs back-end war will never end for sure.

Posted by Bill Wambua

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